You can make a ONE TIME PAYMENT with PayPal without a PayPal account.  All you need is your credit card. Click on the up/down arrows on the white box below and select what you want to pay for a one time payment then click on the Pay Now button. The following PayPal payment amounts include the PayPal fees. Dues Check may be mailed to EPM office with no fee.

If you do not want a PayPal account and don't want to select one of the ONE TIME PAYMENT OPTIONS ABOVE please mail a check or money order made out to

Lighthouse Pointe HOA in care of

Etheridge Property Management, 908 Gardengate Circle, Pensacola, FL 32504

Pay Your Dues Using PayPal or PayLease

Quick and Simple!

 PAYLEASE - If you owe an amount not covered in the options above you     may use PayLease where you can pay any amount you need.  Fees for:      CREDIT transaction (using routing code & account #) = $2.95 per   transaction. 

CREDIT/DEBIT = $2.95 per transaction + 3% of payment amount.


LHP Dues Payment Options

Make MONTHLY PAYMENTS for your LHP dues by selecting the "Subscribe" button below. Your credit card will be billed $18.85 ($18.00 dues plus fees) a month until you tell PayPal otherwise.

For this option, since you are asking PayPal to charge funds to your credit card monthly, they will ask you to set up a PayPal account.  It's easy and quick.  Once you complete the credit card information, you select a password and you're set.


  Lighthouse Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.

   A Waterfront Community, Gulf Breeze, FL