• Streetlights and their electricity
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • General property maintenance and improvements
  • Funding for the Emergency Repair Fund
  • Legal Expenses
  • Insurance
  • Other valid Board approved expenses.
  • Administrative Management for the Association such as:

Primary Documents:

There are three primary documents that create and control the Lighthouse Pointe Homeowners Association:  Articles of Incorporation, ByLaws, and Covenants (Part 1, Part 2).   You should have received a printed copy of our Covenants at your property closing.  If you did not then please contact your closing agent or download copies above. 

"Covenants and Board of Directors Guidelines Overview":

This document, created and approved by your Board of Directors, offers simplified explanations and examples of the covenants, and documents guidelines as they apply to property owner activities in Lighthouse Pointe.  Examples are making changes or additions to your property, valid use of your property,  maintenance of your property, use of parks in our development, etc. 

The "Lighthouse Pointe Homeowners Association Assessment Collection Policy" delineates the steps taken by your Board (with the aid of our Property Management Company) to collect delinquent assessment dues.  Our Dues are payable twice a year on January and July 1st and are delinquent at the end of that month.  This document addresses the steps that can be taken by your Board to assure a successful collection of dues from all property owners.  All property owners agreed to pay dues to support the LHP neighborhood when they purchased their property in Lighthouse Pointe.  It is only fair to all property owners that everyone pay their dues in a timely manner.   Your dues pay for:

All property owners should be informed & have knowledge of the documents above.  If you have questions regarding these documents please contact us.

- Bookkeeping

- Dues collections

- Monitoring of Covenants

- Postage, printing, mailing costs

Lighthouse Pointe Controlling Documents

(Underlined items are downloadable files or website links.)