Lighthouse Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.

   A Waterfront Community, Gulf Breeze, FL

Lighthouse Pointe is a Leash Law area ... 

Animal Control .. quoted from the Santa Rosa County Animal Control Ordinance ..

"(h)   Direct control.  It shall be a violation of this article for any animal to be off the premises of its owner or person responsible for said animal, without being in direct control of its owner, person responsible therefor, or other person. Animals not under direct control shall be considered an animal nuisance and may be seized, restrained, impounded, and disposed of as provided by this article for any unlicensed animal. "

" " Direct control".  The term "direct control" as used in this article shall mean immediate, continuous physical control of an animal at all times such as by means of a fence, leash, cord, or chain of such strength to restrain the same; "


This pertains to all domestic animals .. not just dogs.  Cats, rabbits, pet snakes, ferrets .. any animal that you are responsible for is required, by law, to be under "direct control", and not allowed to be loose.


Please! Pick up after your pet 

Please also have consideration for the yards and health of yourself, your children and your neighbors and clean up after your pets do their business. Recycle that grocery bag, use it to collect the waste and dump it in your trash when you return home. 

This is our neighborhood, let's keep it healthy!