Hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. 

In the event of a Hurricane Watch or Warning, please be prepared to do the following:

1. Remove any item from patio/balcony/yard that isn't secured. 

2. Make a disaster kit: water, non-perishable and/or dry foods, battery powered radio, flashlights,

    extra batteries, first aid kit, whistle or help signal, hand sanitizer, map, pet food, etc. 

3. Make an emergency plan to accommodate for everyone in your household, to include escape

    route, secondary shelter, etc.

4. Fill your bathtub with water. This can be used to flush toilets or boiled for drinking. 

5. Have at least one gallon of clean water per person, per day, for drinking on hand.

6. Have an emergency two burner stove such as one made by Coleman, and two (2) cylinders of fuel

    for the stove. (Should be used outdoors only)

7. Consider obtaining a DC and AC converter for use in your car in an emergency. This comes in 

    various watt capacities and are priced from $30 to $100, depending on the size.

8. Have bug and hornet/wasp spray on hand in case of insects looking for a new home after the 


9. Have plenty of duct tape and at least one tarp on hand in case you need to tape over or window

    or door.

10. Cut a piece of PVC to fit in your sliding  glass door to prevent it from opening during the storm.

11. Be sure you know where your water meter is located and your electrical cut off is, as well as 

      how to turn them on and off.

12. Have two (2) weeks of all medications on hand. 

13. As a friendly reminder, please be sure to check our smoke detectors for proper function, at least

      twice a year. 


  • Turn off all water and electricity at the meters.
  • Be sure your information is up to date with the Association Manager. 

For more detailed preparation tips and advice, please visit

Etheridge Property Management


Hurricane Preparedness