​​​Homeowners Association Board Meetings
Next Meeting(s), 2020:

June 25

September 24

​November 19 (Budget Meeting)

Quarterly Board of Directors Meetings are held: 

@ 6:00 pm

St. Sylvester’s Catholic Church
- Activity Center usually room 201 or 202

6464 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563

("in good standing" = dues up to date) ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

Paying Your Association Dues

Our Association membership fees are due the 1st of January and the 1st of July each year. 

Please remit via PayPal or PayLease or send a check or money order (made out to Lighthouse Pointe HOA) to Lighthouse Pointe HOA, c/o Etheridge Property Management, 908 Gardengate Cr., Pensacola, FL 32504 



Dumping on Vacant Lot(s)

There has been an increase in the number of reports of unknown people dumping debris, trash, and other misc. items on some of the vacant lots within the association. We would like to remind everyone that, just because these lots are vacant, these lots do have owners and when things are dumped on their lots, even when they are not aware of it, they are penalized. If you observe any persons dumping anything on any vacant lot within the association, please attempt to get any details regarding the persons or vehicles responsible for this action and contact Management immediately to address the responsible part, accordingly. 

We thank you all for your attention and assistance in this matter and we thank you all for your efforts in keep our community a safe and beautiful place to live! 

Cheryl Kelley, Association Manager 



A Message From The Vice- President, Ed Grier:

LHP Residents

We will be Chipping the Junipers at the entrance of LHP this Friday @ 8AM. We are looking for volunteers to help stack the cuts so Tim can feed his wood chipper he
so kindly offered to complete this project. We also need volunteers to rake the chips. Thank you all Volunteers !
Who on the Board will be able to participate Friday ?


Should you?

Though most of Lighthouse Pointe is not in a flood zone as defined by the 2006 FEMA flood maps, your Board of Directors highly recommends Flood Insurance for all properties in Lighthouse Pointe.  Not all flood waters come from hurricanes.

You can find out what flood insurance might cost you at the National Flood Insurance program website.

You can see the flood map for our area at the FEMA website (give it a bit to load).

Consider what you could lose without flood insurance.

Thank you, LHP Board of Directors

A friendly reminder:

The neighborhood covenants require all yards, landscaping, driveways, structures and improvements be diligently and properly maintained.​ To ensure the beauty of the property please ensure proper arrangements for yard maintenance have been made.​

  Lighthouse Pointe Homeowners Association, Inc.

   A Waterfront Community, Gulf Breeze, FL

Allegator Spotted Twice!!! (at least 5 feet)

Located at pier and around vehicles. 

The Board is in the process of contacting Fish & Wildlife Conservation in regards to this!!

Who Do I contact?

 See a suspicious or concerning activity in our area? 

Call the Sheriff's office:

Emergency call 911
Non Emergency call 983-1191
Narcotics office call 981-2147

And then let your Association know about your concern .. Contact Us

See an unsafe condition in our neighborhood?

Checkout this link at the County's Code Compliance agency.
  If that didn't handle your concern then contact our Property Manager for assistance.

Also checkout the "Information and Internet Links" webpage.